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The shipbuilding industry is facing high pressure to upgrade ships and meet the need for more energy-efficient, reliable and environmentally-friendly ships with better overall performance and lower total operating cost. With high complexity in products and processes, both ship designers and yards are moving to state of the art 3D systems in order to handle increased complexity and ensure quality and flexibility while speeding up the shipbuilding process.

To do outfitting and General Arrangements (GA) in a 3D system access is needed to 3D models of components, parts and equipment. Available 3D models have been unusable for large assemblies because of size and unnecessary details. To find better and more efficient ways to handle outfitting and GA has been highly requested by the industry as it is necessary for the digitalization of shipbuilding.

Naval architects and engineers in Digitread together with our customers are using our common knowledge of what it takes to make usable 3D components for outfitting and GA work. We are currently building a digital component library – a backbone for an efficient GA process. It is not only parts – but also smart parts and modules with built-in variants and product families (ISO).

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