Digitread presents White Paper at ICCAS in Singapore

During the International Conference on Computer Applications in Shipbuilding (ICCAS) Digitread presented their White Paper which explains the advantages of holistic ship design utilizing Digital Twin compared to traditional design approaches.

ICCAS offers unequalled opportunity for delegates from the global shipbuilding industry to understand the practical application of advanced computing technologies across all aspects of design, production, and in-service operation of ships. Papers will discuss the implementation, issues, success and benefits of applying computing systems in the ship industry to improve methodologies, processes and productivity.

Attracting a large international audience, ICCAS provides an excellent forum for companies investigating or developing computer applications in shipbuilding, and for those seeking to enhance the computing systems they use.

At the conference the representatives from Digitread presented their White Paper which explained the advantages of holistic ship design and the significant potential of a Digitial Twin in such a process. The Chairman of Digitread, Helge Kjeilen and their Technical Lead Shipbuilding and Naval Architect Torben-H. Stachowski presented Digitreads White Paper together in a dynamic presentation: – It was a great honour to present our solutions to representatives to some of the leading shipyards in the world. At the conference, which was conducted in the end of September, there where many hundreds high level delegates, and the feedback we got was very good, Kjeilen says.

ICCAS contributes to knowledge retention and enhancement, a global concern across the industry, with delegates discussing common problems with peers, and young engineers meeting, questioning and discussing a wide variety of presentation topics with authors and industry experts.

PUBLISHED: October 05th 2017