Offers PLM in the cloud

“As we move towards offering our products as cloud solutions, we are taking another step into the future. More affordable and more efficient IT operations, improved security and a more efficient day-to-day life are just some of the benefits our customers will experience,” says Magnus Normann from Digitread.

As more and more IT services are transfered to the cloud, it means that expensive servers and other computer equipment that the companies own and operate on their premises will become history. Future IT infrastructure is moving in the direction of more and more cloud services. This means that data processing, storage, updates and backups are done under controlled conditions in specialized, remote, data centers and that what you see on the screen is really just an image of what is processed in the data centers.
“We have taken the best PLM technology and put it together with the best cloud solution on the market. The combination of Teamcenter and Microsoft Azure will allow our customers to access market-leading PLM functionality directly in their web browser. Those who choose to run the applications through a cloud-based solution will benefit greatly from simplified IT management. They do not have to buy their own servers, they do not have to think about backups and they do not have to think about upgrades. When using a solution in the cloud, the software is located on a virtual server managed by an external partner. For us, this partner is Microsoft. The purpose is to offer Digitread’s customers efficient and stable PLM solutions in the cloud,” explains Hilde Wessel Andresen, Project Manager at Digitread.
“In our industry, dealing with CAD, PLM and other heavy industry solutions using cloud solutions is brand new. So, although cloud solutions have been a familiar term for some time, in many ways, Digitread is a pioneer in using cloud technology in our industry”, she continues.

Scalable, safe and cost-effective
Digitread entered into partnership with Microsoft and became a Microsoft Partner this summer: “Our role is to deliver a solid platform so that Digitread can deliver its industry solutions in a way that is safe, efficient, easy and cost-effective for their customers. The Partnership means that Digitread still sells their own services and their own software, but the platform they provide it on is Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Azure will become a part of the total package for the customer,” explains Frank Jensen, Microsoft’s Partner Development Manager.
The benefits are many. Software updates no longer need to happen at customers premises. They take place in the cloud without the customer even noticing. It’s easy to manage the system, which gives customers great benefits. If you have a large time-limited project, Microsoft Azure provides the opportunity to scale the project to fit your customer’s requirements.
“Moreover, the security is unparalleled at Microsoft’s data centers and for the industry leaders in terms of customer rights and privacy providing unique data storage guarantees. Security and privacy are built into the development of Azure. We protect your data while the customers own and control their data. Our data centers are safe being monitored around the clock. The buildings are equipped with alarms, security and control systems, as well as cameras throughout. And this is just a small part of the security aspect,” reports Jensen.

 The chairman of Digitread, Helge Keilen, Managing Director Magnus Normann and Microsoft′s Partner Development Manager, Frank Jensen.

The chairman of Digitread, Helge Keilen, Managing Director Magnus Normann and Microsoft′s Partner Development Manager, Frank Jensen.

Future IT operations
“We are currently testing the solutions in practice. That is why we are starting two experimental projects with two different customers so we can gain some experience and insights. But we strongly believe in cloud solutions and are pretty certain that this is the future, and that includes the industry we are in too,” concludes CEO of Digitread, Magnus Normann.

PUBLISHED: September 13th 2017