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Always aiming to improve!

One should always strive to improve efficiency and effectivity in everyday work processes. Automating time-consuming and repetitive tasks will free up time which can better be used on overcoming important challenges. Spending your time on the tasks that matter will help improve quality and productivity – key factors for keeping a competitive edge.

Digitread is proud to offer commercial utilities for NX and Teamcenter, automating your everyday tasks – so that you can focus on the things that really matter.

Easy Export
This plug-in provides the user with an easy and intuitive way to export related files from selected objects in Teamcenter. The user can enable several options to specify how the data should be exported in order to minimize time used on tedious post-processing.
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Teamcenter – GibbsCAM integration
This integration provides seamless communication between GibbsCAM and Teamcenter. The plug-in makes it possible to use Teamcenter as a storage site for GibbsCAM files and have revision control on the files in Teamcenter.
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E-Plan Structure Import
A plugin for converting E-plan structures into BOM views in Teamcenter. Simply browse for the E-plan structure file and allow teamcenter to identify the items and build the BOM view.
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Rename Item
The Rename Item plugin introduces an easy, intuitive and effortless way to rename existing items and folders in Teamcenter. Simply right-click the item, click “Rename” and type in a new name.
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Log file
The Log file plugin makes it easier to retrieve the Teamcenter log file by adding a button to the “Help” tab.
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Digitread Cylinder Buckling according to DNV-RP-C202
This application is developed to calculate buckling strength of cylinder shells created in NX. The application is launched within NX and retrieves all the relevant parameters from the CAD model and uses these to calculate the buckling strength usage factors based on the DNV-RP-C202 standard.
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