PLM for Shipbuilding

Ship design software and shipyard production software facilitate digital simulation and optimization of shipyard operation and ship design processes.

A major transformation is underway in the marine sector, as fleet operators need to develop more energy-efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly ships with better overall performance and lower total operating costs. In order for shipbuilders to meet this demand and these challenges before the window of opportunity closes, they will have to design and build ships faster and better than ever before. This will require a completely different approach to ship design and construction. Future Fleet is the Siemens PLM Software perspective on how leading shipbuilders are designing and building ships to meet the expected increase in demand from owners looking to rapidly modernize their fleets.

The Siemens Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) for Shipbuilding solution enables a holistic approach to shipbuilding that improves total enterprise collaboration, synchronization and productivity, as well as lifecycle ship service and support, by optimizing shipbuilding processes.

Shipbuilders can now use PLM for Shipbuilding and the Shipbuilding Catalyst to develop, build and maintain the next generation of ships in less time and for less money. PLM for Shipbuilding will benefit future fleets by enabling them to:

  • Achieve greater performance, lower ownership cost, higher fleet availability and reliability, and greater quality and compliance with the latest marine safety and regulatory requirements
  • Make ships easier to build and repair, lowering construction, service and total ownership costs Shipbuilders will have verified and trusted suppliers linked with shipyard and service personnel with production schedules and 3D models of all aspects of the design. Shipbuilders will also benefit from the many new work set options that provide immediate access to just the right relevant data; and service teams will benefit from links to the appropriate supply chain to reduce service and overhaul cycle times. Shipyards will have the designs and technical data from successful ship classes and ship designs to minimize the design and engineering costs of future classes of ships. This holistic solution spans the entire shipbuilding enterprise and lifecycle to enable shipbuilders to integrate their organizational knowledge, automate processes throughout the product lifecycle and improve efficiency, accuracy and execution to reduce time-to-delivery.

Digitread has in collaboration with Norwegian shipbuilders further developed the PLM for shipbuilding solution right down to efficient 3D GA and drawing generation and other practical aspects of the ship design solution.

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