Smap3D Plant Design connects P&ID, Piping and Isometrics

Digitread introducing Smap3D Plant Design to Norwegian market, the world’s only fully integrated software in Solid Edge for a continuous process chain in plant design.

Compared to what is traditionally used in Norwegian marketplace Smap3D set a new level of user friendliness with price tag that makes it worthwhile changing your legacy systems.

A single software for all processes
Smap3D Plant Design offers a single software solution for three different areas: P&ID, 3D piping and isometrics. With this software, complete systems such as 3D mechanical structuring and piping design can be processed directly in the Solid Edge environment and highly automated. For each user, it is possible to individually customize the required programs for user-specific process steps.

Automated data transfer
Smap3D creates an automated connection between the individual programs. Generated data such as pipe class definitions can be transferred without data loss. This leaves more time for the actual design work!

Centralized definition of pipe classes
The definition of pipe classes is an important component in the design and construction of plants and pipelines. Therefore, Smap3D Piping contains a higher-level function for the definition of pipe classes, which is available in all programs: For all processes, the company-specific and project-specific pipe classes must only be defined once. Within the pipe classes, the user determines which characteristics (such as diameter or medium) belong to which components (such as valves or fittings). The result: High process reliability!

Smap3D Plant Design: About the manufacturer
Smap3D Plant Design is a product of CAD Partner GmbH which is headquartered in Germany. CAD Partner is a company with over 20 years of experience in the CAD market.

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