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A Co-Design Approach for Embedded Control Software of Cyber-Physical Systems
Broenink, Jan; Peter-Jan Vos, Zhou Lu, and Maarten M. Bezemer
A Framework for Technology Assessment from Different Scientific Viewpoints: Prel...
Liang, Hao; Charles E. Dickerson, Donna Champion, and David Battersby
A Modular Framework for Socio-CPS-Based Condition Monitoring
Fleischmann, Hans; Johannes Kohl, and Jörg Franke
A New Small-World Network Model for Instant Messaging Chat Network
Guan, Jinting; Meishuang Tang, Guangzao Huang, Wenbing Zhu, Sun Zhou, and Guoli Ji
A reflection on the use of A3 architecture overview in designing Wave Energy Con...
Muller, Gerrit; Emilie Aune, and Henrik Lind
A Systematic Investigation of Tools in Model Based System Engineering for Embedd...
Rashid, Muhammad; and Muhammad Waseem Anwar
An Architecture for Stewarding Enterprises
McCaughin, L. Keith; and White, Brian E.
An Integration Strategy for Controls and Computing Systems at a large Particle A...
Friedrich, Thilo; and Daniel Piso Fernández
Analysis of the Information Needs of an Autonomous Hauler in a Quarry Site
Dersten, Sara; Peter Wallin, Joakim Fröberg, and Jakob Axelsson
Architecture and System-of-Systems Design for Integrated Missile Defense
Kilian, James; and Tod Schuck
Are stakeholders in the constituent systems SoS aware? Reflecting on the current...
Muller, Gerrit
Autonomous Robotic Fish for a Swarm Environment
Kiebert, Luke; and Matthew Joordens
Bi-objective shortest path problem with one fuzzy cost function for dangerous go...
Sacile, Roberto
Building a HIS supervision Metamodel
Lahboube, Farid; Ounsa Roudiès, and Nissrine Souissi
Challenges in the Modelling of Design Alternatives with MBSE
Di Maio, Marco; George Dimitrios Kapos, Niklas Klusmann, and Charles Allen
Checking the Architectural Feasibility of Systems-of-Systems using Formal Descri...
Guessi, Milena; Flavio Oquendo, and Elisa Nakagawa
Coalition Command and Control – Simulation Interoperation as a System of Systems
Pullen, John Mark; and Ole Martin Mevassvik
Combinatorial Models For Heterogeneous System Composition and Analysis
Nelaturi, Saigopal; Vadim Shapiro, and Johan de Kleer
Conceptual Reasoning in the Development of Particle Accelerator Control Systems
Friedrich, Thilo
DATASEM: A Simulation Suite for SoSE Management Research
Turner, Richard; Alice E. Smith, Jeffrey Smith, Levent Yilmaz, Donghuang Li, Saicharan Chada, and Alexey Tregu...
Developing Respondent Systems
Wrigley, Craig
Development of the xTAN method for Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) under electromag...
Maurice, Olivier; Kambiz Therani, and Philippe Durand
Efficient Distributed Algorithm for Scheduling Workload-Aware Jobs on Multi-Clou...
Miraftabzadeh, Seyed Ali; Paul Rad, and Mo Jamshidi
Enhancing safety of transport by road by on-line monitoring of driver emotions
Sacile, Roberto
Enhancing Systems Engineering by Scenario-based Anticipation of Future Developme...
Graessler, Iris; Julian Hentze, and Philipp Scholle
Formal Methods for a System of Systems Analysis Framework Applied to Traffic Man...
Dickerson, Charles E.; Siyuan Ji, and Rosmira Roslan
Formally Describing the Software Architecture of Systems-of-Systems with SosADL
Oquendo, Flavio
Fuzzy – Genetic Algorithm Approach to Generate an Optimal Meta-Architectur...
Alaguvelu, Rahul; David M Curry, and Cihan H Dagli
Fuzzy Fault Tree Analysis of Conventional Propellant Temperature Control System
Du, LinLin; and Zhenhua Sun
Gaining and Keeping Overview of Complex RTDI Projects with the DEWI Assessment a...
Hillebrand, Joachim; Michael Karner, and Werner Rom
Generalized Hough Transform For Object Classification in the Maritime Domain
Rerkngamsanga, Pornrerk; Murali Tummala, James Scrofani, and John C. McEachen
Handling Commercial, Operational and Technical Uncertainty in the Early Stage of...
Agis, Jose Garcia
Increased Functionality of an Underwater Robotic Manipulator
Champion, Benjamin; Mo Jamshidi, and Matthew Joordens
Interface Design in Cyber-Physical Systems-of-Systems
Frömel, Bernhard
Logical Representation of Maintenance Procedures for Verification and Analysis
Reed, Sean; and Magnus Löfstrand
MBSE Driven Approach for Defining Problem Domain
Mazeika, Donatas; Aurelijus Morkevicius, and Aiste Aleksandraviciene
Model-Based Requirements and Properties Specifications Trends for Early Design V...
Rashid, Muhammad; Muhammad Waseem Anwar, Farooque Azam, and Muhammad Kashif
Model-Based Systems Product Line Engineering with Physical Design Variability fo...
Li, Mole; Alan Grigg, Lin Guan, and Charles E. Dickerson
Models Composition in FORM-L for the Study of Complex Socio-Cyber-Physical Syste...
Nguyen, Thuy
Moving Towards Standardization for System of Systems Engineering
Dahmann, Judith; and Garry Roedler
On the impact of emergent properties on SoS security
Mori, Marco; Tommaso Zoppi, Andrea Ceccarelli, and Andrea Bondavalli
Ontology-Based Collaboration in Multi-Robot System: Approach and Case Study
Smirnov, Alexander; Alexey Kashevnik, Sergey Mikhailov, Mikhail Mironov, and Mikhail Petrov
Operation, Safety and Human: Critical Factors for the Success of Railway Transpo...
Nejad, Mohammad Rajabaline; Leo van Dongen, and Alberto Martinetti
Pi-Calculus for SoS: A Foundation for Formally Describing Software-intensive Sys...
Oquendo, Flavio
Proposed Testbed for the Modeling and Control of a System of Autonomous Vehicles
Labrado, Joaquin; Berat Alper Erol, Jacqueline Ortiz, Benjamin Champion, Patrick J Benavidez, and Mo Jamshidi
Quantification of Impact of Cyber Attacks: A Study on Reliability of Power Gener...
Bahsi, Hayretdin; Unal Tatar, and Adrian Gheorghe
Recall Enhancement with Gaze Guiding: Performance Support and Error Reduction in...
Frank, Barbara; and Annette Kluge
Service Architectures for Product and Production Availability: A System of Syste...
Johanson, Mathias; and Lennart Karlsson
Simplifying Solving Complex Problems
Kasser, Joseph; and Yang-Yang Zhao
Simulation for a Coevolved System-of-Systems Meta-Architecture
Muller, George; and Cihan H Dagli
Singapore’s Smart Nation Program – Enablers and Challenges
Chia, Eng Seng
SmartDisability: A Smart System of Systems approach to Disability
Whittington, Paul; and Huseyin Dogan
SOFL-based Dependency Graph Generation for Scheduling
Cheng, Zhuo
Systems Thinking: Foundations for Enhancing System of Systems Engineering
Keating, Charles; and Adrian Gheorghe
Towards Trustworthy Smart Cyber-Physical-Social Systems in The Era of Internet o...
Huang, Jingwei; Mamadou Seck, and Adrian Gheorghe
Towards understanding the dynamics of self-organising mining industry supply net...
Statsenko, Larissa; Vernon Ireland, and Alex Gorod
Transition from closed system to Internet of Things A Study in Standardizing Bui...
Mathews, Emi; and Gerrit Muller
Typology Dimensions for Classifying SoSE Problem Spaces
Cook, Stephen; and Jaci Pratt
Use Case based Approach for an Integrated Consideration of Safety and Security A...
Nicklas, Jan-Peter; Michel Mamrot, Petra Winzer, Daniel Lichte, Stefan Marchlewitz, and Kai-Dietrich Wolf
Use of evidential reasoning for eliciting Bayesian subjective probabilities in h...
Abujaafar, Khalifa; Zhuohua Qu, Zaili Yang, Jin Wang, Salman Nazir, and Kjell Ivar Øvergård
Useful Deviations for Deviation Management Information Systems – From puls...
Kaya, Onur; and Dag Bergsjö
Using Data Driven Documents (D3) to Explore a Whole Ship Model
Calleya, John; Henrique Gaspar, and Rachel J Pawling
Using the View Model to Contextualize and Explain System-of-Systems Architecture...
Walewski, Joachim W.; and Jürgen Heiles
Value perception of an offshore crane using electrical- vs. hydraulic main machi...
Hovden, Elisabeth Masdal; Maria Varpen Unhjem, and Henrique Gaspar
Wicked problems: Wicked solutions
Kasser, Joseph; and Yang-Yang Zhao
 Managing Complexity: Theory and Practice
Rzevski, George
Leadership Under Conditions of Complexity
White, Brian E.
Engineering the Smarts
Borth, Michael; and Martijn Hendriks
Externalities and Peer Effects of Collective Adoption in Networks
Vesaghi, Arash O. E.; and Mo Mansouri
Model-based Interoperability Solutions for the Supervision of Smart Gas Distribu...
Ahmed, Ahmed; Mathias Kleiner, Lionel Roucoules, Rèmy Gaudy, and Bertrand Larat
A Standards-based Approach for Domain Specific Modelling of Smart Grid System Ar...
Neureiter, Christian; Mathias Uslar, Dominik Engel, and Goran Lastro
Architecture study of an Energy Microgrid
Patel, Ravi; Daniel Selva, and Walter Paleari
MAS based Approach to HEMS Modeling: Application of Social Interaction Mechanism...
Kang, Dong Joo; and Sunju Park
Matlab2cpp: a Matlab-to-C++ code translator
Paulsen, Geir Yngve; Jonathan Feinberg, Xing Cai, Bjørn Nordmoen, and Hans Petter Dahle
The nuts and bolts of systems
Kasser, Joseph
How to stimulate SoSE engineers to develop soft skills? How effective is a lectu...
Muller, Gerrit; and Lia Charite
Blended education for systems architecting Evaluation of the initial blended cou...
Muller, Gerrit; Joris van den Aker, and Herman Postema
A Decade of Teaching Systems Engineering to Bachelor Students
Bonnema, G. Maarten; Ilanit Lutters-Weustink, and Juan Jauregui Becker
Measuring Tool Chain Interoperability in Cyber-physical Systems: A Systematic Re...
Gürdür, Didem; Fredrik Asplund, and Jad El-khoury
A Multi-core Context-Aware Management Architecture for Mixed-Criticality Smart B...
Dimopoulos, Alexandros; George Bravos, George Dimitrakopoulos, Mara Nikolaidou, Vassilis Nikolopoulos, and Dim...
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