Collaboration with the University College of Southeast Norway

The University College of Southeast Norway offers an engineering master’s degree in Systems Engineering that is unprecedented in Norway. Students are offered internships with leading technology companies as part of their master’s degree. This autumn Digitread is welcoming its first student.

A Master’s degree in Systems Engineering will qualify students to participate in and lead the development of large complex products and systems that involve many disciplines. The course is aimed at students who have completed their bachelor’s degree who are aspiring towards their master’s degree based on part-time college attendance with the other half of the curriculum being deployed in a leading technology company.

The triangle; student, business and university creates a good learning effect for students, whereby they henceforth use real life situations in their projects in the master’s program. Companies involved in the program are likewise very satisfied with the model.

– We realize that we should be taking responsibility for developments in Systems Engineering and the integrated approach this involves. It is therefore natural for us to work closely with the College of Southeast Norway offering a unique Master’s degree in this field. It’s also nice to be able to contribute with an internship placement place where the student will work with us on real projects and will help to promote the Systems Engineering mindset. The first student will start their internship with us this fall and will stay here for three years. We look forward to that, reports Magnus Norman who is the Managing Director of Digitread.

Industrial Master is a pilot project at national level. There are no other colleges or universities in Norway which currently offer a master’s degree for engineers with deployment in business. The engineering master’s degree in Systems Engineering is part of the knowledge-based project of the Norwegian Centres of Expertise – Systems Engineering (NCE-SE). There is also a technology pilot established by the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO).

PUBLISHED: May 20th 2016