Digitread was recently appointed a Siemens Smart Expert for the marine industry. This means that Siemens recognizes Digitread as its foremost expert in this field.

Smart Expert is a classification scheme under the auspices of Siemens Digital Industries Software and being appointed a Smart Expert for the maritime industry affirms Digitread’s expertise in this area. Siemens’ Partners who are holders of the Smart Expert quality stamp possess the expertise and ability to execute and provide effective management on PLM projects.
“Our expertise remains the same but now it has been certified that we possess the necessary expertise in the maritime sector, in many ways the Smart Expert certification becomes a kind of testimony that we are a supplier you can trust,” states Digitread’s CEO, Magnus Normann. It is difficult to compare different suppliers, but with the Smart Expert designation, Digitread has received a stamp of quality from software developer Siemens which sets them apart from other suppliers and acknowledges Digitread as the leading expert in the maritime industry worldwide. “This is also recognition for the Norwegian maritime industry. We have gained the expertise we have accumulated over several years thanks to our customers who have given us exciting projects to work on. That is why we owe our customers a huge debt of gratitude for making this possible”, continues Normann.

New opportunities
Digitread is perhaps best known in Norway, but they have also completed several large-scale international projects in the maritime industry. Being a Smart Expert will automatically put them at the forefront to win more contracts and carry out even more international assignments. Chair of Digitread, Helge Kjeilen, who is also responsible for the international marine market, comments as follows:
“We are the only Siemens partner to have been awarded the honor of Smart Expert in the marine industry. That is why we are both proud and humbled to have received this recognition. It’s been a long time since we started to notice increased international demand adding to our already established international customer base in markets such as Germany, Poland, Spain, the Netherlands, Canada, the UK, Croatia and Ukraine”, he explains. “It follows from this award that Siemens will continue to deploy us as their maritime expert. It will open new doors for us, and thus also new opportunities. The appointment as Smart Expert will also have a positive impact on the operations of our offices in Lithuania and Hamburg”, Kjeilen concludes.

PUBLISHED: April 30th 2020