At the PLM Europe User Conference 2017, master’s student Sönke Tobias Hoppe (24), who is writing his master’s thesis in cooperation with Digitread, gave a presentation on how to improve workflows by using NXOpen Interface.

The 2017 PLM Europe Siemens Connection event took place in Berlin at the end of October. With 1180 attendees from 36 countries it broke records as the largest PLM Europe conference ever held.

During PLM Europe, master’s student Sönke Hoppe, gave a presentation on how workflows can be further improved by solving and optimizing relevant modelling data using embedded simulations. The NXOpen Interface gives the possibility of carrying out simulations, including pre- and post- processing, and of displaying results in a single modelling template with just one click: “The aim of my presentation was to inspire and show how workflows can be enhanced by using NXOpen in the Product Template Studio”, Sönke Hoppe explains.

“This topic is important for the industry because the use of NXOpen in a product template enables users to create designs much faster. This relies on the fact that all simulations can be performed automatically without having further expert knowledge. Once a project can be controlled automatically, the engineer can perform an optimization to find the best design with respect to the boundary conditions. From my point of view, there is a huge potential in terms of design automation in all branches of industry. I’m very excited to see the results of my master’s thesis which describes the workflow from the creation of an automated design right up to the final optimization in HEEDS which is supposed to calculate the best design. I’m going to give a further presentation on that after submitting the thesis before the end of the year”, Sönke continues.
” All in all, the feedback was excellent, and it showed me that there is huge potential in terms of product automations. I’m really thrilled about sharing my knowledge with others. The open discussion prompted me to gain further knowledge on NX programming”.

An important arena
Siemens PLM Connection brings together Siemens PLM Software users, partners, and Siemens PLM Software employees to facilitate networking, to share knowledge and experiences and to pick up new ideas. Attendees at the conference came from a variety of industries and job functions. One of the participants was Bernt-Åge Ulstein from Ulstein Design, one of Digitread’s customers: ” PLM is a specialised discipline and it’s important to stay up-to-date and obtain information about what is best practice. I also met other attendees in the same sector as our company and I found it very useful to share experiences. Hence, it’s beneficial to attend conferences like PLM Europe”, Ulstein concludes.

PUBLISHED: November 08th 2017