At the end of April, Digitread held a free seminar to demonstrate how Norwegian industry can become more efficient using existing technology. The resulting feedback was very positive.

“The digital evolution is developing so fast that parts of the Norwegian industry may be in danger of disappearing if they do not take action and make strategies for digitization. In Norway, we have the opportunity to create the most efficient businesses in the world and win the competition in global markets, but to achieve this we have to work smarter than we do now. This is about digitizing and processing the information that describes the products that are to be created in such a way that the data communicates directly with modern means of production. Our most important role is to help the industry realize its digital potential. Therefore, it is good to be able to use this arena to present some practical examples of how this can be done. That is why we took the initiative to organize this seminar”, states Chairman of Digitread, Helge Kjeilen.

About 80 people traveled to the seminar that Digitread conducted together with Siemens and Eplan which was held at the University of Southeast Norway, Campus Kongsberg. Former Chairman of Innovation Norway, Per Otto Dyb, who has also been CEO of Siemens Norway, launched the meeting by asking today’s most important question about how digitization and industry 4.0 can increase the competitiveness of Norwegian companies.

Tronrud Engineering, which was recently named Norway’s Smartest Industrial Company 2019, gave a presentation on how digitization can help to design products more efficiently, faster and more cost effectively. While Digitread showed how digital models can be used to make better decisions, and how IoT can be used in practice:
“The feedback I received after my delivery was that it helped make IoT more understandable. This is important since much of this technology is available for use here and now. Too many buzz words are used about IoT, which makes IoT appear very advanced, while much of this is actually very simple”, comments Christoffer Lange who is Industrial IoT Product Manager at Digitread.
Odd Sverre Pedersen, Engineering Manager at PG Flow Solutions, was one of the participants at the seminar and shares his view:
“When you read about IoT you often get the impression that all the equipment must be new and that you need huge amounts of data. However, the presentation showed that it is quite easy to get started with IoT and this was explained in a very understandable way”, he reports.

Eplan gave an insight into mechatronic engineering as a key to reducing time-to-market and to minimizing errors, while Siemens gave a lecture on digital twins.

“The high level of education and good work morale we have in Norway provides us with optimum conditions for success, but despite this, the level of competence in the digital field is shockingly poor within many manufacturing companies. Companies urgently need to increase their productivity in order to maintain their competitiveness. At this seminar we have presented several methods for how this can be done in practice, and we have received a lot of positive feedback as a result, ”reports Helge Kjeilen.

The seminar ended with a Kahoot! where participants were challenged to answer professional questions related to the various presentations:
“It was clear that the participants were both committed and had listened closely, because there were many correct answers. The winner of the Kahoot won a 3D printer for their effort”, Lange concludes.

PUBLISHED: May 22nd 2019