Helge Kjeilen about Industry 4.0 at Verftskonferansen

The annual yard conference Verftskonferansen was held in Ålesund November 2015. Chairman Helge Kjeilen from Digitread discussed Industry 4.0 in his presentation. He challenged the shipbuilding industry to take advantage of the digital industrial revolution and introduced the Digital Thread.

Quoting Dr. SIgfried Dais in Robert Bosch GmbH; “it is highly likely that the world of production will become more and more networked until everything is interlinked with everything else”. In an Industry 4.0 scenario, Kjeilen thought these boundaries of individual factories will most likely no longer exist. Instead, they will be lifted in order to interconnect multiple factories or even geographical regions. The point is to create a continous digital stream of information – a Digital Thread.

Kjeilen suggested the shipbuilding industry can increase productivity and efficiency ant create even more innovative products by going digital. He pointed out three conditions to get there:

  • Understand the Digital Thread and what it means
  • Think front loading
  • Establish a robust and rich backbone

Digitread is continuously working with some of the best shipbuilders in Norway, building on mature Product Lifecycle Management and design software from Siemens. Contact us to learn more and to discuss how your company can benefit.

PUBLISHED: November 19th 2015