Investment in Teamcenter PLM provided by Digitread

Industriverktøy in Leksvik have used NX since the 1990s to model new tools for their customers. The company now plans to expand their digital tools using Teamcenter from Digitread.

NX solves the challenges that we have, hence why we are currently in dialogue with Digitread about how to implement Teamcenter in the best possible way. We will start with a pilot project in the cloud, and after a while we will implement it within the entire department. Then, we will gather all the documentation in the same system, explains Kaj-Vidar Sandvold who is CEO of the company.

Industriverktøy is part of the IV-Group, which has operations in Norway, Sweden and China. In the utility department they make molds for plastic molding. These are the tools that their customers use to produce their plastic products. Industriverktøy supplies molds for a variety of clients from a diverse range of industries including the automotive industry, plumbing industry and also supplies parts to the electronics industry.
The second division of Industriverktøy is a machining department. Here, they have a wide range of customers and produce everything from prototypes with very fine tolerances in all kinds of materials for the research sector, to moderate batch sizes in titanium for the offshore and marine industries.

At Industriverktøy they also have a design department employing six people who all work on development, design, simulation and programming.
– Part of what is special about our business is that we are producing tools that manage to create extremely thin casting surfaces where the wall thickness of the finished product is as low as 0.17 millimeter in thickness. The benefits of this mean that the finished products are much lighter in weight. This is a challenge to achieve in plastics, but we have gained solid expertise in thin wall molding where structures must demonstrate precision accuracy and where there are tight tolerances, adds Torbjørn Lian who is a purchaser and member of the machining and design department.
– We design and model for our customers based on the product description that they have. We usually also participate in an early phase of the product development. This way we can discuss the design and solutions in a mutually beneficial way, he continues.

The added benefits that we experience using NX mean that we have a complete package that makes it easy to go from the design in the CAD module to programming of the machines that produce the molds in the CAM module. Since both CAD and CAM exist in the same package it does not break the digital thread, says Sandvold. – The purpose of this pilot project is to ensure that we get as seamless a transition to Teamcenter as possible. A system that can handle both drawings, 3D models and project documentation in one program will be a boost and will hopefully save a considerable amount of time. We think this will give us both qualitative and efficiency gains.

PUBLISHED: October 11th 2016