Digitread now offers the internationally recognized developer tool Mendix which makes it easier and faster to develop applications.

We are very pleased to be able to offer Mendix as part of our product portfolio. This app development tool enjoys a great international reputation and is now used by more than 4,000 businesses and 120,000 developers worldwide. There are also more than 100 universities teaching the use of Mendix. The reason for the interest and success primarily lies in the opportunities the program offers with regards to retrieval of data from underlying systems which are then presented in a new, sleek and modern interface. When we use Mendix to develop apps, the development can be achieved in a manner which is remarkably simple, flexible and, above all, fastexplains Helge Keilen from Digitread. 

Three levels
Digitread will sell the software to those customers who want to develop their own applications themselves. In addition, they will offer the use of Mendix with Teamcenter, or use Mendix to develop applications for those customers who want a turnkey solution and who want a ready-to-use app. “It is a fascinating tool, especially since it is so simple and flexible to use. For instance, we can build the entire structure of the app and develop a complete and well-functioning solution for our customers. If they want to make changes of their own, make some adjustments, or further develop the app, they can do it themselves if they wish. And if they do not want to do such things themselves, then we are here to help them and are more than happy to do it for them”, Kjeilen adds.

Many uses and new markets
“With Mendix we will also be able to offer flexible and user-friendly solutions for customers in industries outside our traditional customer groups, for example in the industry and maritime sectors. Mendix’s existing customer base lies in developing new services for the health sector, finance and insurance sectors, logistics companies and many other industries. Hence, we are now in a position to serve many more industries and sectors than ever before”, Kjeilen concludes.

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PUBLISHED: April 23rd 2020