Owing to the extraordinary situation we find ourselves in, many companies are experiencing less activity. By spending free time on training and skills enhancement you will be better equipped to face the future.

Correct Maskin

“The situation is arduous and large parts of the business sector in Norway are facing major challenges. But we have no intention of giving in, on the contrary, we think that the time has come to exploit this unique situation in an innovative way and to offer online training on a larger scale than before”, says Digitread CEO Magnus Normann.

One of the companies that has done just this is Correct Maskin AS. The company, with seven employees, is based in Hof in Vestfold, where they import and sell Magni telescopic trucks. In addition, they design custom bodywork and customized machines.

“We modify and make improvements to precision machines used to protect against rockslides along our roads.  These telescopic trucks are then used as loaders and a drilling unit is constructed in the telescopic tip. The contractors can then drill away rocks and loads from relatively large heights in a safe and effective way”, explains Olav Arnesson Løver, CEO of Correct Maskin.

Efficient use of Solid Edge
Mr. Løver describes how they use Solid Edge when designing custom solutions for their clients, but since he does not use the tool on a daily basis he knows that there are several components of the software tool that could help make his work much easier in the future that he doesn’t yet know how to use. Hence, when Digitread came up with an offer of one-on-one online training, he immediately jumped at the chance.

“I only had two half-days, and it was very useful since I got help with the very specific issues that I encounter in my own working day. If you can take full advantage of the opportunities that exist in this software, then it is hugely labor-saving and not least leads to fewer errors. Thus, I think it is very positive that a company like Digitread can spend resources on a small company like ours. It has also helped develop a much closer relationship with them, so next time I have a query it will be much easier to make a call or send them an email to ask for assistance. Some of the problems that I may have to spend 10 or 20 hours trying to solve only take the Digitread experts a few minutes to resolve, so this certainly pays off”, explains Løver.

“After just this short course, we have been able to do things more quickly, accurately and efficiently, so there is no doubt that this has been time well-spent”, Løver adds.

After only a few hours of training, Olav Arnesson Løver could create this visual presentation of a special rig he designed in Solid Edge. Such illustrations are very useful in explaining to their customers what new products can look like.

Smart web solutions
Correct Maskin’s online training took place using Microsoft Teams:
“This is an extremely effective tool that makes it easy to provide online instruction. Through Teams, I was able to take control of the PC on the other side and demonstrate techniques from my own PC, describes Digitread’s course holder Marius Slagsvold.
“In this case, it was one-to-one training, but we can also host courses through cloud solutions with finalized setup in Appstream. It does not require any additional installation or time-consuming tasks for the customer’s IT personnel”, he continues.
This enables course participants to follow the teaching through Microsoft Teams, for example, and to open a web client to use software and access training material.

“In other words, to carry out this type of training course, the participants only need to have access to a PC and have a working internet connection. It no longer matters whether the participants all sit together in one place or alone in their own home office when we use these types of solutions. It can be accessed from anywhere at any time. We are holding more and more courses of this type and the feedback has been very good. We can provide online training on all of our solutions. So, whether the customer uses NX, Teamcenter, Solid Edge, or any of our other solutions, we can assist them”, Slagsvold adds.

Time to seize opportunities
“These days it’s all about standing up and trying to find innovative solutions which is what we need to do in order to ride out this storm. On the other hand, those who just sit back and hope that the storm will soon blow over by itself, may be disappointed; I fear it could get worse before it starts to get better. Correct Maskin has shown that they are very responsive in their approach. That’s good, because now is the time that people need to take action and start thinking like Correct Maskin does”, Digitread’s Magnus Normann concludes.

PUBLISHED: April 03rd 2020