Create apps faster, better and smoother than ever before

Mendix’s developer tool is designed to take care of the entire development cycle from idea, through a visual and easy development phase, to uploading, operating and maintaining the application.

Use templates or build on existing applications
In Mendix, projects start in the developer portal where you can build on already existing applications, use ready-made templates found in Mendix, or build the apps from scratch.


Collaboration creates efficient workflow
The developer portal invites all stakeholders in the project to participate, and the way Mendix is built makes it easy for the developer team to collaborate and build data models together. It creates an efficient workflow. You don’t have to use external tools like spreadsheets and email. Everything you need can be found in the developer portal. Of course, there is no requirement to use all the features of Mendix’s platform, if desired you can use external tools for test automation, requirements management or communication. By visualizing the logic and the development process, Mendix narrows the knowledge gap between business and IT. This means that project participants with different backgrounds can more easily communicate without certain things being “lost in translation”. Combined with the built-in agile tools, this provides an incredibly fast, organized and accurate feedback cycle that makes it easier to deliver a product, not only quickly but also with full functionality that satisfies both business and IT.


Create applications without coding
Even if you have no coding experience, you can create web-based MX Studio applications that use “drag-and-drop functionality” in a visual and simple interface. That way, you can quickly create a functional application without any coding. Mendix Studio is particularly well-suited for creating simple applications such as replacing impractical Excel documents, or organizing apps for meeting booking or meeting room reservations and the like. Mendix studio is also ideal for quickly creating a functioning concept that one can present to IT-personell that can further develop the functionality. This is another example of how Mendix brings IT and business together with increased understanding of each other’s perspective. Experienced developers who want full functionality and the ability to code can use the MX Studio PRO so they can choose the type of work that suits them best. You can easily and seamlessly switch between MX Studio and MX Studio PRO so you can easily extend the functionality of apps started in MX studio.


Be continuously informed
The system requirements and changes that are made in the project are stored and can be looked up throughout the development process. All stakeholders are also constantly informed whether they are mistakes, new issues, or change requests along the way.
The end user can easily submit comments and improvement suggestions directly from the app whether the app is published or being developed. The developer will then be able to see a screenshot of exactly where the user was when he posted the comment. This ensures a fast and accurate feedback loop that makes it much easier to continuously improve the app and ensure a good end product.


Take advantage of artificial intelligence
Mendix is equipped with an AI assistant that uses millions of software models as an experience base. The AI Assistant is an incredibly good learning tool for less experienced developers. The AI Assistant proposes the next development step, this reduces errors and makes it easier to approximate the platform’s logic. Since it is an AI, it is self-learning, and will always improve and adapt to developments over time.


Create applications for all surfaces
All applications created in Mendix are automatically adapted to all surfaces. Whether used on a PC, tablet or mobile, Mendix’ Atlas UI helps you create applications that look great with full functionality.  If you want additional functionality specific to mobile use, this can be easily configured in the same app. There may be features such as shaking to delete text or other features that make it easier to work on small screens. This is also the procedure if you want offline functionality. A good example of this is if you want to give Teamcenter functionality to those who work out in fields with a lack of internet access. It then uses its own logic based on the same model and benefits from the mobile hardware which often also speeds up the process. The data is automatically uploaded into the system when the app comes back online. In this way, the handling of data becomes seamless without having to go back and forth to a PC or similar.


Use other apps in your own application
In Mendix’s own app store, there are hundreds of built-in integrations for external systems and services. You can get these with just a few keystrokes, and then use them in your own application to save time. You can also develop your own integrations and share them in your own private app store, or in the Mendix app store. This makes it easy to use them later. Mendix is compatible with REST, SOAP, JDBC, and OData, among others, so Mendix supports the most commonly used communication methods and can be connected to most of the existing and upcoming software. This transparency is one of the main principles Mendix is based on and helps to ensure a robust and scalable solution. As long as the system you want to integrate can provide access to the API, it is no problem to build your own link if it does not already exist in the app store. For example, a Teamcenter connector is available through the app store. Since the signatures and functionality of the service operations are unchanged between the different releases of Teamcenter, the link is not version sensitive from Teamcenter. This connector contains all the building blocks and logic needed to quickly retrieve data into the app. If there are still some functions or errors needed to be fixed you can easily make changes to the module, this also applies to other links.


Automatic functionality check
Mendix has built-in debugger test tools and version control that make it easy to ensure that the application works properly. Mendix does not allow publishing of applications with bugs affecting the functionality of the app, so you can iterate after publishing without the risk of destroying the application. In Mendix there is no source code, which means that if you upgrade to the newer version of the platform, all the modules in the app will be updated without the risk of the code being corrupted. The platform ensures that all the building blocks that make up the applications work properly at all times.


Upload to optional cloud solution
When the application is fully developed, you can choose which cloud to run from. You can choose your own cloud solution, or use Mendix’s cloud solution, called MX Cloud. You can also run the application on-premise if you do not want to use cloud solutions.


Combine speed, collaboration and control
Mendix combines speed, collaboration and control. The result is a groundbreaking solution that makes application development easy. With Mendix, you can easily build up expertise in app development in your own IT department, making it easier to further develop, fine-tune or create new solutions.
With Mendix, you have full control over who has access from the time you start developing and throughout the application lifecycle. When you first create the app, you are assigned the title scrum- master and can easily invite those who will collaborate on the project and assign them the right access. When launching the app, you need to set up different security profiles for those who have access to different data and parts of the application. It is easy to add and customize security profiles along the way, even after the application is published.


Keep up to date on the status of the applications
Through the dashboard in the Mendix development portal you can monitor how the application is used after it has been published and put into production. If you have several applications you want to monitor, you can follow everyone from this dashboard. It gives you a clear picture of the health and stability of the applications. From here you can also manage the backup and manage the application securing optimal uptime.



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