Pon Power supplies generators and engines for vessels. Now they have acquired Siemens NX ™, which is used by many ship designers. This means that they will be able to make co-operation with the shipping industry even more flexible.

Pon Power AS is the go-to company for Caterpillar products in Norway. About half of Pon Power’s operations are new sales of Caterpillar engines and generators for integration into the ship’s operation. These sales focus mainly on shipyards. The other part of the business is related to service and maintenance of sold components, to customers like shipping companies and others who own and operate ships.

Makes simplified models
“The contracts we win for new sales are from yards that build vessels and buy engines and generators from us. During the project phase we deliver documentation and 3D models to the shipyards, which in turn send these to the ship designers.
“We want to be more active at an earlier phase and make our models easier and more accessible to ship designers. For us, this is a strategic choice. When we produce ready-made, simplified models, ship designers avoid spending valuable time on that part of their work. NX™ has great functionality to simplify models and also build parametric models for reuse. The goal is that our models should be the best and most accessible in this market, ” says Øyvind Bjugn Seim, Engineering Support Manager at Pon Power.
Since many ship designers also use NX™, we predict that in the future we will also be able to cooperate much closer with ship design during the project phase” he continues. “Perhaps we will draw our solutions directly into the ship’s general arrangement through a common virtual engine room”.

The preferred system
“NX™ and Teamcenter are the preferred systems among ship designers in Norway. For us at Digitread, it is important to expand the ecosystem so that it becomes seamless to exchange models and to build the digital twin. The fact that PON CAT has now chosen NX™ is an important step for us; Norwegian ship design is at the forefront and we want to help continue this trend”, states Helge Kjeilen from Digitread.

PUBLISHED: March 23rd 2018