Smap3D Plant Design now available in Norway

Smap3D Plant Design now available in Norway

Smap3D Plant Design is the world’s leading software for plant design in connection with Solid Edge. With features like centralized definition of pipe classes, it provides an integrated software solution and process chain for P&ID, 3D piping and isometrics.

– The offshore industry has undergone some difficult years of cost focus and conversion. With the challenges the industry has been facing, they need better, more efficient, more user friendly and more cost effective tools. This we can provide, and therefore Digitread has chosen to focus on this new product, says Magnus Normann, General Manager at Digitread.

Unique in the world
Smap3D Plant Design is unique in the world: The software facilitates and expedites planning and design in the 3D CAD system and minimizes errors. It combines P&ID, 3D piping and isometrics while providing numerous automated features such as centrally defined pipe classes for a continuous process chain. Smap3D turns the 3D CAD system into an innovative 3D plant engineering solution.

4 in 1 – The complete process chain in a single system
Smap3D plant design consists of Smap3D P & ID, Smap3D Piping as well as Smap3D Isometric and integrates seamlessly into the 3D CAD system. Each component of Smap3D Plant Design can be purchased separately and adapted to individual requirements.
Smap3D P&ID is completely independent from the CAD system. It includes a symbol library, scalable symbols, a component database, dynamic lines and much more. The software provides a design check, various evaluations and export of BOMs. Via the To-Do-List, Smap3D P&ID automatically imports the 2D symbols and lines created in the P&ID diagrams into the 3D piping design and is individually configurable.
Smap3D Piping is an add-in software based on the centralized definition of pipe classes. It contains numerous automatic functions for the development of a CAD system into a high-performance 3D system solution. Smap3D Piping simplifies and accelerates the work process for the design of 3D pipelines in 3D assemblies.
Smap3D Isometric generates isometric drawings by automatic positioning of the pipe figures and the acquisition of information from the 3D assembly. Different BOMs can be issued and isometric representations can be individually configured.

Easy to use and reasonably priced
– We added Smap3D Plant Design to our product range because we find Smap3D to be the most compelling solution in the CAD market in terms of plant design. Since the inception of 3D design, no integrated software and add-in combination has revolutionized and enriched our industry like Smap3D has. We want to be a part of this development and offer our customers the complete benefits of Smap3D, states Normann.
The uniqueness of Smap3D Plant Design lies in the integration of the 3D CAD system with 3D Piping. With Smap3D, the user continues to work in the 3D CAD system, but has full access to features such as the 3D standard parts library. 3D pipeline plans can be created with zero wasted time. It is characterized by intuitive operation – the user quickly becomes very familiar with the practical functions and features:
– The software is easy to use and reasonably priced. At a time when the oil and gas industry must become more efficient and reduce their expenses, this is a measure that can help them, concludes Normann.

PUBLISHED: April 27th 2017