Succeed thru Connections – Siemens PLM European User Conference

The annual Siemens PLM Connection 2016 conference will take place in Berlin from 17-19 October. Last year’s conference had almost 1,000 participants from more than 30 countries and this year an even greater number of people will attend.
– This is the place to make contacts and to keep up to date, says Nils Bergheim representing PLM Europe.

For those who are wondering in which direction the digital development goes, the Siemens PLM Connection User Conference is the conference to attend:
– The conference is for Siemens customers and partners. The purpose is to present the news that is under development, but also to provide an insight into how market trends are evolving. Some will attend the conference to share ideas about how they can work smarter and use the conference to get feedback from the other participants. That makes this a very good forum for networking and feedback, Bergheim continues.

Major exhibition and Digital Factory
As part of the conference, the solution center containing around 50 partners is the place where participants can ask the exhibitors all kinds of questions.
– You can test out ideas and find the status of how far technology has come. Also new this year is what is called the Digital Factory, outlining how the virtual world will seem in product development environments in the future. Today, it is possible to create very complex structures with all types of materials, and some of these innovations of today will be presented in the digital factory. The Digital Factory will get its own exhibition area in the arrivals hall, Bergheim explains.

Simultaneous workshops and roundtable discussions
During the conference, there will be up to 14 sessions with lectures. The number of lectures will provide the participants a wide choice of exciting topics to choose from. Roundtable discussions will also be conducted where participants can discuss technology at a very detailed or at a more strategic level.
– There are two categories of sessions. We intend one type of session to be about strategy and the future vision of digital development, the other will go into in-depth detail about the software itself. Siemens will have their experts on hand in order to clear up any confusion and to steer the discussions. The sessions we had last year were very successful and the venue proved to be an excellent place for networking where participants could share their experiences, and we can look forward to this again this year as well.
– Last year, we also tested out “Technical Speed Dating” – meet your “Product Manager” for raising any questions. This was a huge success and will be continued on a larger scale.

Reorganization of the parallel sessions
Siemens often buys companies that have the technology and functionality that Siemens needs, but have not had thus far. In this way, Siemens is able to develop its software so that the company can constantly offer solutions in new sectors.
– The conference is trying to divide up the content a little differently this year. It has become more important to present the functionality of the applications than simply each product and product names as in previous years.

– The conference starts on Monday 17 October but many choose to come the night before to attend the Sunday ‘Get Together’. Those who attend the ‘Get Together’ will get the most out of the conference, but it is imperative that you sign up as soon as possible as we have received more entries so far than we had at the same time last year.

PUBLISHED: August 25th 2016