Digitread has developed a solution for monitoring floating docks where the results are presented in the SmartDock app. The next step is to create solutions to digitize entire shipyards.

Based on the invaluable experience gained from the floating dock monitoring system and SmartDock, Digitread has started work on extending the solution to other applications in shipyards. The natural thing is to start simply making use of the current infrastructure in place by collecting sensor data from technical installations that are already in the shipyards. Data from winches, machines, tanks and electrical systems is collected, sent to MindSphere, processed and presented in an application which has been tentatively named “Yard Manager”.

Some processes cannot be monitored with sensors. They must be checked using visual inspection.
Traditionally, such checks have been carried out manually using paper checklists. There are many benefits to using digital checklists instead of paper, not least it is labor-saving. For example, the controller can be equipped with an app on his phone or tablet. The Yard Manager app can be set up so that the inspector is forced to perform inspections in a certain order if necessary, or the check round cannot be completed until all checkpoints are duly checked. In this way, the quality of the inspection rounds improves, and, in turn, safety also increases.

If the controller finds any deviations during visual inspection of a device, or finds a construction that is damaged or impaired, he can use the mobile camera to take a photo as documentary evidence. He could potentially also send a work order to repair the damage directly from the app whilst remaining in situ. Installations can also be equipped with QR codes so that the inspector can obtain additional information about the design if he needs it during the check round using the QR code reader on his cellphone.

Since the data from the digital checklists is collected according to a specific system each time and stored digitally, this facilitates effortless, rapid data analysis. Digital data collection also makes it easier to track developments over time and enables checklist data to be compared with data collected via sensors.

The idea behind the digital yard is to gather all information from sensor data related to work processes, electronic checklists, security systems related to camera surveillance, fire, water leaks and access control into one system – the Yard Manager. In this way, yard owners will gain a better overview of the entire yard. They can follow real-time processes and receive early warning if something critical is about to occur.

Yard Manager will increase security, provide better overviews and predictability. And – not least – the Yard Manager is scalable. You can start with the simplest things first, obtain a solution quickly, and then expand step by step as new needs arise or new uses are revealed.

PUBLISHED: October 31st 2019